October 18, 2023

Blast Running achieve a 25% increase in participants with Let's Do This

Mariana Racasan
Product Marketing Lead

The challenge

Catriona Bruce, Race Director at Blast Running, is no stranger to the world of small-scale chip-timed running events. Hosting between 20-30 races annually, Catriona found herself grappling with a substantial administrative burden. Managing participant information through a cumbersome spreadsheet, dealing with numerous back-and-forth discussions with runners, and handling various administrative tasks were taking up an excessive amount of her time and energy.

The solution

When Catriona first explored working with Let's Do This (LDT), her primary pain point was overwhelming administrative work. She operates Blast Running solo, and was having to contend with spreadsheets full of participant names, and managing communications with runners was becoming increasingly tedious. The back-and-forth discussions and administrative tasks were consuming valuable time that she could have otherwise spent improving the participant experience.

Favourite features

After partnering with Let's Do This, Catriona found a range of features that significantly improved her process, with her favorite aspects of the platform including:

  • Runner autonomy: LDT empowered participants to manage their registrations on their own - through features like Credits and Participant Self Transfers, reducing the need for Cat's direct involvement.
  • Effortless event setup: Setting up events on LDT was a breeze for Catriona. The platform streamlined the event creation process, allowing her to focus on other critical aspects of event organization.
  • Positive feedback: Catriona noted that she’s also never received any complaints from participants about their experience with LDT. The platform's user-centric design and smooth operation ensured participant satisfaction.

The results

Since integrating Let's Do This into her event management workflow, Cat has seen remarkable growth in her events: the most significant change has been a substantial increase in the number of participants, with a notable 25% rise in attendance. This boost in participation has not only boosted revenue for Catriona, but has also allowed her to spend more time focusing on providing an exceptional race experience, rather than getting bogged down by admin tasks.

"Let's Do This changed everything for Blast Running. They took away the burden of administrative work, freeing up my time to focus on what truly matters – creating memorable experiences for my running community. I love that participants can do more themselves. Plus, the 25% increase in participants speaks for itself." - Catriona Bruce, Race Director at Blast Running.

Let's Do This has proven to be a true partner for Blast Running, enabling Catriona to provide friendly and welcoming chip-timed running events in Edinburgh while achieving remarkable growth in participation rates. 

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