February 15, 2024

Trimax Events enhances participant experience with Let's Do This

Mariana Racasan
Product Marketing Lead

Meet Andy Maxted, the Event Director behind Trimax Events. A passionate trailblazer and fitness enthusiast, Andy's journey began in 2008 when he founded Trimax Events in the heart of Gloucestershire and the Forest of Dean. With a mission to create extraordinary endurance events, he quickly gained recognition for his remarkable trail running, road running, and triathlon experiences.

One of the hallmarks of Trimax Events is their unique bespoke medals, awarded to every participant upon crossing the finish line. But Andy's ambitions didn't stop there. He also introduced canicross options for those who wished to share the joy of racing with their loyal canine companions. The events led participants through picturesque landscapes, including Gloucester's notorious 'Cheese Rolling Hill' and the scenic Cotswold countryside.
As the years rolled by, Trimax Events grew exponentially, and Andy knew he needed a partner to help manage the rapidly expanding calendar.

The challenge

Despite their success, Andy faced a few challenges that made it hard to run events smoothly. The limitations of their previous event management platform, especially the inflexible payment structure, lack of control, and poor customer interaction, were impacting the overall experience for both participants and the organising team.

Andy, who likes to be in control of things, was concerned about switching to a new platform. He was concerned about learning a new technology and making sure event information was accurate.

The solution

The shift to Let's Do This brought about a remarkable transformation:

  • Daily payments: Let's Do This introduced a daily payment system, which provided Andy with more control and transparency over the financial aspects of the events.

  • User-friendly interface: The platform's user-centric design made it easier to set up and manage events. It gave Trimax Events a professional and friendly online presence that participants loved.

  • Enhanced control: With Let's Do This, Andy gained the power to have more control over event listings and provide participants with features like participant self-transfers. 

The results

Since adopting Let's Do This, Trimax Events has experienced several positive changes:

  • Increased signups: Trimax Events observed a significant increase in event signups, with fewer drop-offs, since adopting Let's Do This.

  • Geographic expansion: The platform facilitated geographic expansion, with participants traveling from as far as Greece to attend Trimax Events.

  • Streamlined communication: Let's Do This simplified client interactions, making it easier to handle queries and client questions. The quick response times contrasted with the previous experience with the previous registration provider, where they often had to wait for weeks for a reply.

"Let's Do This has transformed the way we manage and promote our events. The daily payment system, user-friendly interface, and exceptional customer interaction have made a significant impact on our business. Our signups have grown, and we've expanded our reach beyond our expectations.” - Andy Maxted, Event Director at Trimax Events

By partnering with Let's Do This, Trimax Events has not only streamlined their operations but also enhanced the participant experience, leading to increased growth and visibility in the competitive world of endurance events.

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