October 20, 2023

It's Grim Up North Running achieves record growth and efficiency with Let's Do This

Mariana Racasan
Product Marketing Lead

It's Grim Up North Running (IGUN) is an established race company known for its friendly and low-key approach to organizing multi-distance events on both trails and roads. With a commitment to fostering a sense of wellbeing and camaraderie among participants, IGUN has been providing unique racing experiences for the past 8 years. In a competitive industry, they were faced with challenges like outgrowing their own website, reaching new runners, and managing the administrative burdens of event management.

The challenge

Before partnering with Let's Do This (LDT), Diane Shaw, the sole owner and operator of IGUN, faced several challenges:

  • Outgrown website: With 35 events annually, each featuring 6-7 races, IGUN had outgrown their own website, making it difficult to provide a seamless user experience for their participants.

  • Limited reach: IGUN primarily relied on word-of-mouth and social media to attract participants. They needed a platform that could help them reach a wider audience of runners.

  • Administrative overload: The administrative tasks associated with event management, including participant registration and race transfers, were becoming overwhelming and time-consuming.

The solution

Around three years ago, Diane's business partner introduced her to LDT. The decision to explore this platform was driven by the need to find a solution that could not only accommodate their growing race offerings but also help attract more runners.

By partnering with LDT, IGUN was able to step outside their own website, offering participants a user-centric experience that simplified registration, race information access, and race transfers. LDT also provided IGUN with a platform to attract more runners from diverse locations, helping them grow their participant base significantly.

Favorite product features

Diane Shaw highlights two key features of LDT that she particularly appreciates:

  • Branding and aesthetics: She loves the branding and aesthetics of the platform, which allows IGUN to showcase the beauty of their events using photographs from their races on event pages.

  • Financial insights: Diane values the financial insights provided by LDT, which allow her to quickly and easily assess the performance of races, track participant numbers, and gain a deeper understanding of their financials.

The results

Since adopting LDT, IGUN has experienced remarkable growth and operational improvements:

  • Increased participation: IGUN expanded its reach and attracted new runners from various countries and regions, experiencing a remarkable 27% year-over-year increase in participants.

  • Streamlined administration: LDT removed the repetitive and time-consuming administrative tasks, allowing IGUN to focus on what they do best—organizing races and creating memorable experiences for runners.

  • Efficiency and clarity: The platform's user-friendliness and quick access to financial data have improved operational efficiency and decision-making.
"Let's Do This has transformed the way we operate at It's Grim Up North Running. Before, we were bogged down by administrative tasks, struggling to reach a wider audience, and feeling limited by our own website. Since partnering with Let's Do This, we've experienced significant growth in our participant numbers. The financial insights are invaluable, and the ease of use is exceptional!" - Diane Shaw, Event Organizer at IGUN

In conclusion, Let's Do This has enabled IGUN to grow their participant base, streamline operations, and improve their overall business performance, making it an essential tool for their continued success in the endurance event industry.

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