January 27, 2023

Maximise Merch Sales on Let’s Do This

Rob Fearn
Partner Engagement Lead

Did you know that around 5% of the total revenue for events on Let's Do This comes from merchandise?

When marketed successfully, we’ve seen it contribute even more – in some cases reaching up to 40% of event revenue.

With our merch tool, adding different merch products to your event pages (featuring snazzy images and item descriptions) is simple.

Check out our top 5 tips for successfully using merchandise to maximise your revenue below and start maximising your merch sales today.

#1 – It’s all about timing ⏰

If you want customers to engage with your merch, you need to choose the right moment to upsell to them.

We find that attach rates (how much merch is sold in relation to tickets) are 3x higher when the upsell happens after customers have booked their ticket. They know their ticket is secure, they’ve finished filling in the boring details and they’re ready to look at the nice-to-haves.

This is why we upsell merchandise upsell after participants have added their booking information. It also keeps your booking form nice and simple, which has a positive effect on ticket conversion.

#2 – Sometimes, less is more 🤫

You don’t need to sell lots of different products to boost your attach rates. Plenty of events with high attach rates offer only 1 or 2 products.

Inclusivity is much more important. Having a wide range of size and colour options for your products means you can accommodate the personal preferences of as many customers as possible.

#3 – Make sure you drive urgency ⏫

Customers respond to urgency and scarcity. Our experiments show that highlighting product scarcity and limited availability can boost your conversion rates by anywhere between 5-30%.

So, if you only have a limited number of blue vest tops, use the item description to let your customers know they’re in high demand – and they better act fast!

#4 – Know your community 🙋🏽‍♀️

The best way to sell to people is to understand what resonates with them. Looking at trends in your merchandise data can reveal hidden gems that help you better market your products, or even identify opportunities to sell new ones.

For example, our purchase data shows that merchandise attach rates are 33% higher for first-time event participants, as well as for those who attend larger events. This is suggestive of a desire to commemorate the event through merch.

You can make the most of this insight and increase attach rates by emphasising the commemorative appeal of products in their description. There may even be opportunities to sell other products that help commemorate the special event (like photos).

#5 – A picture paints a thousand words 📸

Want customers to buy your lovely merch? Show it off with images to prove how great it is.

Clothing merchandise has a 20% higher attach rate when it’s accompanied by photos or gifs.

With our merch tool, you can add images to all of your merch products. Add as many as you need to make sure your customers can see the full breadth of your offering.

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