February 15, 2024

WMP Creative's Success with Let's Do This

Rob Fearn
Partner Engagement Lead

WMP, a London based events agency with over 35 years of experience in creating engaging and memorable experiences, partnered with Let's Do This (LDT) to enhance their event management capabilities and improve participant experiences. Ash Fisher, who takes overall responsibility for the growth, development and delivery of WMP’s three flagship closed-road running events, shared insights into their journey with LDT. 

The challenge

WMP were seeking solutions to streamline their event management process, and make it more cost-effective. Their primary challenge was finding a platform that could offer competitive fees while aligning with their brand vision and providing a seamless participant experience. Organising over 20 events per year, WMP’s flagship half marathons - The Albert Goodman Weston Super Half, Great West Run, & Run Cheltenham are listed exclusively on LDT, while Ash and the team also listed the Monster Tri for the first time in 2023, motivated by a focus on growing participation for this event.

The solution

LDT's platform simplified event management for WMP, allowing them to focus on planning rather than wrestling with logistics. Features like Transactional Emails and Reserved Entries streamlined the process further. Moreover, LDT's user-centric approach, strong brand vision, and easy-to-use platform appealed to WMP's desire to provide a memorable experience to their customers. The platform's capabilities aligned seamlessly with their goals.

Favourite product features

Ash Fisher highlighted several favourite features of the Let's Do This platform:

  • Transactional Emails: LDT's transactional email system proved to be a game-changer for WMP. Previously, they struggled with managing their marketing CRM, especially when dealing with unsubscribed users. LDT's email functionality resolved this issue effectively.

  • Reserved Entries System: The reserved entries system provided immense help, especially when working with charities. It allowed WMP to efficiently manage and allocate entries, enhancing their partnership opportunities.

  • Market Insights: Regular catchup sessions with their LDT partner manager provided valuable insights into the event marketplace. Unlike other platforms that function solely as e-commerce platforms, LDT's approach involved understanding the market and identifying problems they could solve for WMP.
"Let's Do This has revolutionised our event management process at WMP. The transactional email system has saved us countless hours, and the reserved entries system has opened doors to exciting partnerships, especially with charities."

-Ash Fisher, Event Manager at WMP

The results

Since partnering with Let's Do This, WMP has witnessed significant transformations in their event management process and overall revenue:

  • Improved functionality: The platform's continual enhancements and add-ons have greatly improved functionality, making event organisation more efficient.
  • Diversified revenue streams: Thanks to the features offered by LDT, WMP was able to introduce race merchandise for the first time in 2023. The results have been impressive, with this new revenue stream proving to be profitable within its first year of implementation. 
  • Efficient data tracking: WMP can now easily track event signups, analyse signup trends, and make informed campaign decisions.

  • Financial transparency: LDT's platform has facilitated financial tracking, allowing WMP to monitor expenses and revenue more effectively.

  • Refund Protection for peace of mind: WMP has also embraced LDT's Refund Protection, which not only contributes to their revenue but also enhances the brand perception of their events. It provides participants with flexibility and peace of mind, reducing refund and transfer-related challenges.

"Using LDT’s conversion optimised merch tooling, we were also able to sell merch alongside our running events for the first time in 2023. We saw really strong results - this new revenue stream turned a profit in Year 1, which exceeded all of our expectations.
The ability to compare event metrics year-over-year on Let’s Do This (which we previously did using spreadsheets) has streamlined our planning and marketing efforts, while the new Refund Protection feature not only provides us a financial kickback but also enhances the overall participant experience through increased flexibility and peace of mind."

-Ash Fisher, Event Manager at WMP

WMP's partnership with Let's Do This has not only streamlined their event management processes but also opened new revenue streams and improved participant experiences. With the platform's features and dedicated support, WMP has found a reliable partner to help them achieve their goals and create lasting impressions in the world of events.

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